AEP leader in EMV systems

AEP leader in EMV systems

Florence, 07/22/2019   There are few events in the world of electronic ticketing that have had the same resonance as the Florence Cashless Experience of Busitalia / ATAF, resumed in the first three days by more than 50 news agencies and media: for the first time a city as important as Florence offers payment by bank card on board the entire fleet of buses, on the model of Transport for London.

“Florence is our homeland and we are particularly attached to the territory that hosts us”, said Mr Franco Margani, President of AEP, “so we are even more proud to have contributed as a technological partner to the implementation of the “Cashless” system that allows you to board the ATAF vehicles without having to worry about having previously purchased a ticket or have cash to buy it from the driver. The advantages for users and for ATAF are evident; less evident is the technological complexity of the system, which allows users, with a simple TAP of their Mastercard or Visa card, to obtain a valid ticket by debiting the account connected to the card used and ATAF to receive the corresponding credit on their account. All this without any human intervention and with great operational simplicity. Thanks to Busitalia’s innovative marketing policy, the same service, with different operating logics, is also activated simultaneously on Busitalia’s commercial lines “The Mall” and “Volainbus”. Everything is very simple and is made possible by the huge investments made by AEP in the last 3 years in the territory of Florence.”

AEP has been collaborating with ATAF for more than 20 years; this implementation, made in collaboration with Visa, Mastercard, Banca Intesa e Mercury Payment Services, is at the forefront of the national and international panorama, and places Florence among the few cities in the world that offer such a service. The Florence system is, due to the size of the city and the high degree of internationalization of its customers, an element of great visibility in the global panorama of “Cashless” realities.

A special thanks to Busitalia / ATAF and all their staff who believed and invested in this initiative and allowed us to make it operational!


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