ET-PASS is the solution that eases the adoption of EMV bank cards within the Electronic Ticketing Systems.

ET-PASS follows the general scheme implemented by Transport For London. Every time we board a bus or enter a metro gate, we near the card. No amount is debited on the spot but the passage is recorded. These records are then sent to the Center of Supervision and Control (ET-CSC), which can group and process them to determine the correct fare on the basis of a pre-established tariff scheme.

ET-PAY is AEP’s electronic payment platform, based on ET-PASS, which allows any Transport Company to start accepting bank cards on buses or in the subway in a very short time. AEP has, in fact, made all necessary investments to enable the direct use of bank cards and make it available for your system. Very complex problems have been solved and the whole solution is certified and authorized.

ET-PAY is now in operation in many realities while others will soon be added. See the news section for more updated information.

The following products can be ordered with an EMV-conform reader:

  • CDB-6 PLUS, multifunctional on-board unit (/E version)
  • Futura 3ALX, contactless validator (/E version)
  • Futura 4A, contacless, magnetic and optic validator (/E version)
  • Futura 3B, multimedia contactless validator (/E version)