Because technology is not everything

The Electronic Ticketing System is a living entity and in continuous transformation, both due to the very nature of public transport, which has to adapt every day to the needs of a continuously changing world, and because the information that the system produces represents a valuable instrument that allows the Management to constantly improve the service. The best systems and the most advanced products can therefore be used adequately with efficient, flexible and responsive support services.

Pre-purchase consulting

Pre-purchase consulting

Choose the right solution from the beginning

  • Choosing the right solution from the very beginning can determine a considerable reduction in times and costs
  • AEP is a company with a strong technical background where professionalism and passion combine together
  • AEP offers you reliable and qualified consultancy and the possibility to visit other Customers before making your decisions
Project management

Project management

The right solution is not enough, you also need to implement it

  • Starting a new system is a process that involves all the areas of the Transport Company and its supplier
  • AEP’s Project Management services enable to reach the goals of a project in compliance with all time and cost constraints, optimising the allocation of resources, mitigating risks and solving problems that appear every time
Training Courses

Training Courses

How to make the most of investments

  • Using an Electronic Ticketing System well means having deep knowledge of it
  • Transferring knowledge to the Customer is the first guarantee for his satisfaction
  • Training courses are agreed with the Customer and held by people with experience in the field in English, French or, obviously, Italian
Devices Support

Devices Support

With the whole experience of designers

  • AEP devices are designed internally and thus perfectly known
  • The Technical Assistance Service (SAT) is carried out by the controlled company AEP Service, which ensures efficient services with certain times and reasonable costs
  • 3 labs on the Italian territory: Signa (FI), Brescia and Palermo
  • AEP ensures the constant availability of spare parts to minimize repair times
Systems Support

Systems Support

EM Compatibility, Safety, Sturdiness

  • The support for services is provided through a dedicated department  that, using the hot-line, allows the Customer to have access to contractually granted service levels
  • Every Customer can get in contact with a determined responsible person who provides him with a prompt answer to his questions
  • Each request made by phone, e-mail and through this site is tracked and every step of it can by followed by the Custom

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AEP, the accessible company

AEP, the accessible company

Made to measure for customers...

  • AEP ensures all Customers a relationship that goes well beyond the formal Customer/Supplier relationship
  • AEP commercial executives are always available to support Customers when they need. Write to specifying your area, you will be called back the soonest possible
  • AEP doors are always open to welcome Customer and contribute to the positive result of investments