Milan, Italia


The Magnetic and Electronic Ticketing Integrated System for Milan and province (SBME) has been installed in 2001 by AEP (under the ELSAG name at the time) and has been working 24 x 365 ever since with 3 million validations per day. It controls more than 220 metro stations and tens of depots, garages, manned and automatic parkings etc.

SBME includes a clearing module and its relevant production statistical data, two Control Centres, two Centres of Production of electronic and magnetic documents, three data exchange networks based on mixed technology. SBME is daily supervisioned by AEP.


  • Multi operator: ATM, Trenord (formerly Ferrovie Nord Milano and  Trenitalia)
  • Legal entity: temporary company association of Ascom and Firema
  • AEP expertise: chief of company association, project management, tariff scheme definition, system integration, central systems, periphery concentrators, communication architecture, supervision, inspection terminals, on-board software, massive document coding centre.
  • Ascom expertise: validators, TVM, ticket offices, sales devices and parking management, contactless.
  • Firema expertise: installation and gates/turnstiles.
  • Calypso and MIFARE cards.
  • System composition:
    • 3 central systems + 1 clearing system
    • 250 stations (of which 120 are metro, 4 lines)
    • 17 depots (standard and trolley bus, tramways)
    • 8 parkings (multiplayer and surface)
    • 2.200 vehicles (standard and trolley bus, tramways)
    • 2.500 metro access points (turnstile and gates)
    • 9.600 validators
    • 2.050 sales and inspection devices
    • Robotized massive mag tickets production (800k/day, see video)
    • Massive smart card production (personal and impersonal)
    • Sales system over the Internet
    • Supervision and telecontrol system
    • Centralized multi-operator tariff configuration