• For more than twenty years we have been doing this only

We have been doing THIS ONLY...

For more than twenty years AEP has been focusing exclusively on Electronic Ticketing for Public Transport. We do this only and we try to do it in the best way, with solid commitment and aim to innovation, without spending our energy in other directions.

#We are Modaxo

...but we do EVERYTHING and WELL

The offer of AEP is complete and includes software, equipment and all necessary services. We are therefore able to provide complete systems, without having to depend on third party suppliers. An excellent System Integrator must necessarily depend on market conditions and the possible variability of its subcontractors. AEP is able to guarantee everything, software and hardware, today and for ten years from the moment of supply (in some cases we have reached twenty years). The advantages of a supplier like AEP are really important and qualify our offer in a very different way.

Heroes of the two worlds

In 2017 AEP Ticketing Solutions acquired "Monetica" business unit from Leonardo (formerly Selex / ELSAG / Finmeccanica) which is active in the design and implementation of electronic ticketing systems. With this acquisition AEP became the owner of a great wealth of know-how, software and resources dedicated to the related design, development, delivery, maintenance and coordination activities, as well as national and international contracts, including the Electronic Ticketing Systems currently in operation at ATM and Trenord Milan, GTT Turin, Egyptian Railways and Algerian Railways.

An immense wealth of solutions

With also this acquisition, AEP is now able to provide an immense wealth of electronic ticketing solutions. Not only to realize large systems, those that manage millions and millions of daily transactions, but also those for medium and small Companies that can thus access, at reasonable costs, to a universe of deep and consolidated knowledge and experience, where AEP software and AEP equipment merge and integrate to constitute the ideal solution for every public transport requirement.

AEP Software

AEP has invested tens of million euros in order to realize ET, The Easy Ticketing, that is probably today the best suite of applications for electronic ticketing and one of the references of international competitors.

The AEP software offers all the most innovative functions that the market requires today: Account Based Ticketing, e-Commerce, Apps, web portals, EMV bank cards and much more. It is based on technical solutions that represent today the state of the art in information technologies and and is available in any language, even not based on Latin alphabets. Read more...


The AEP equipment range

For more than twenty years AEP equipment have been present on your buses, in your subways, in stations and on trains. The first one was designed in 1993 and over the years they have become a very large team, which includes validators, on-board computers, multi-function units, ticket vending machines and much more. Every day, at AEP, the best experts, the best designers and the best engineers work to make them always being the best, with full possession of technology, deep knowledge of international standards and a very high level of quality. Read more...

AEP services

The Electronic Ticketing System is a living and constantly changing entity that requires efficient, flexible and responsive support services to be implemented and to remain in operation. AEP offers you consulting during purchase, project management, installation, training, support, repairs and spare parts. Read more...

The results show we are right

The secret of our success is very simple: aiming at being recognized by our Customers in addition to suppliers also as one the most reliable, competent and cooperative partner. The results confirm it: we are today the best known Italian company in our business worldwide. Tens of systems and 65.000 AEP devices are used in Italy, Europe and many other countries, managing millions of transactions every day. Here you can find some of our references.

Verify this yourself

Do you want to experience this yourself? We’d be glad to take you around to visit already operational installations and put you in touch with our Customers to verify directly the results achieved by AEP. We are proud of our team of experts whom we rate as among the best worldwide. Here you can find some of our references.

Company Presentation

Edition 2020

A 26-page publication that briefly describes the activity of AEP in Italian, French and English.


...as a strategy
  • AEP Ticketing Solutions has focused on possessing technologies
  • Contactless and magnetic technologies developed internally in compliance with standards
  • Banking solutions for payment
  • high independence from third party suppliers


100% in Italy
  • Production 100% in Italy
  • Individual tests on 100% of the devices manufactured
  • Production sites accredited by the Ministry of Transport
  • Factory Acceptance Test developed internally

Certified Quality System

ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality Management System certified by SGS in compliance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental certification ISO 14001
  • Occupational health and safety certification ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)
  • Production sites accredited by the Ministry of Transport
  • Great attention to regulatory aspects
  • The certificates are available here

Project Management

Technology is not enough
  • The start of a new electronic ticketing system is a complex process that involves all the areas of the Transport Company and its supplier.
  • The Project Management allows reaching the objectives of the project by respecting constraints such as costs and schedules, optimizing the allocation of the resources, reducing risks and solving problems as they arise.
  • AEP Project Managers are exclusively competent and experienced professionals.

Test laboratory

EM Compatibility, Safety, Sturdiness
  • Climatic tests and thermal cycles (EN 60068)
  • Impact tests (EN 62262)
  • Vibration tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EN 55024, EN 55022, EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5, EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8, EN 61000-4-11, EN 50121-3-2)
  • Electric safety tests (EN 60950-1)
  • Rail regulations (EN 50155)

Contactless and Magnetic Laboratory

Tests on readers and Electronic Travel Documents

AEP has inside a sophisticated instrumentation that allows the Technical Department to perform tests and measurements on:

  • Contactless smart cards ISO 14443
  • Contactless readers ISO 14443 and EMV 
  • Blank magnetic tickets
  • Coded magnetic tickets


ISO 9001

Quality Management System certification

ISO 14001

Environmental management system certification

ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management system certification. Substitute OHSAS 18001.

ISO/IEC 27001

Certification: design, production, installation, maintenace and assistance of electrinic systems, hardware and software, for the transport sector.