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A huge heritage

The great strength of AEP are the complete systems, not only those that manage millions and millions of daily transactions, but also those of medium and small companies that can access, at reasonable costs, a wealth of knowledge and deep and consolidated experience where AEP software and AEP equipment merge and integrate to be the ideal solution for every electronic ticketing requirement.

We have invested several million euros for this, creating what are probably today the best suites of applications for electronic ticketing and becoming one of the reference operators also on international markets, especially in the French one, one of the most advanced and challenging.

The results of these investments are at your disposal.


The AEP software offers all the most innovative functions that the market requires today: Account Based Ticketing, e-Commerce, Apps, web portals, EMV bank cards and much more.

The AEP software is based on technical solutions that represent today the state of the art in Electronic Ticketing and makes a wide use of standardized components with lower costs, less maintenance, and greater stability.

The basic functions are all already present; the customization operation therefore consists, to a maximum extent, in their composition and configuration.


The AEP software is designed for the world and can be configured for any language, even using non-Latin alphabets, but this is not enough.

The policy of AEP is to also offer support in the languages of the destination countries. Today AEP supports, in addition to Italian,
French, English, Russian, Romanian and other languages.


The AEP software it is used in many countries by important transport Companies and therefore offers
verifiable references, consolidated over years of operation.

Would you like to see at first hand ? We will be very glad to accompany you to visit facilities already in operation, to put you in touch with our customers, to let you personally verify the results achieved by AEP and its team of specialists, of which we are proud and which we believe to be among the best in the world.

Product quality

How is it possible to guarantee the quality of a product? Many people believe that it comes from a good design, a good project, the use of good materials etc. but this is only... the beginning! In reality, an AEP product, as well as a car, is a dynamic entity that must be constantly supported throughout its existence.

It is in fact possible that the product may be used in different conditions from those expected, that the characteristics of a material may bee altered, that a production process of a component may change, that a component may no longer be available, that some characteristics may change over time, or, simply, that, although the initial tests were accurate, some problem may not have been detected and therefore requires corrective action.

The occurrence of these eventualities, completely physiological and predictable, does not represent a vulnus in the Quality process. On the contrary, it would be a serious mistake not to foresee them and not have the necessary organization to manage them.

At AEP this department is called QUPR (Product Quality) and is constantly working to ensure full functionality and continuity of service of all equipment supplied.

Among its competences is also the ability to issue Engineering Change Notes (ECN) and, in the most serious cases, real recall actions.

Those who choose AEP are therefore protected even after the warranty period, with the certainty of being able to obtain service and spare parts for ten years from the date of purchase.

Publication "ET 6.0"

ET, The Easy Ticketing

This 48-page publication, full of photos, descriptions and technical data, describes the main innovations introduced by version 6.0 of ET, The Easy Ticketing, the AEP suite for electronic ticketing adopted by many transport Companies in Italy, France and worldwide. To download it just click the button below.

If you would like to receive a printed copy in glossy paper and bound in paperback, just ask info@aep-italia.it, indicating your personal details.


Publication "The AEP software"

for Electronic Ticketing

This 48-page publication describes the main software solutions offered by AEP for electronic ticketing systems in public transport. To download it just click the button below.

If you would like to receive a printed copy in glossy paper and bound in paperback, just ask info@aep-italia.it, indicating your personal details.