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For over twenty years we do this only

AEP Ticketing Solutions has been designing and manufacturing electronic ticketing systems and equipment for public transport for over twenty years. We do this only, without spending our energy in other directions, with an offer that includes everything: software, equipment and services, all from a single source. Complete solutions for large conurbation, with millions and millions of daily transactions, but also for transport companies of all sizes, which can thus access the state of the art in electronic ticketing at reasonable costs.

The results prove us right: AEP is the best known Italian company in this sector in the world.

Software AEP: a huge heritage

With also the acquisition "Monetica" business unit from Leonardo in 2016, AEP is now able to provide an immense wealth of application solutions that can be evaluated over hundreds of man years. Our software covers all areas of ticketing, from the most traditional to the most innovative, such as e-Commerce, Account Based Ticketing and EMV bank cards and much more.

Company and regional central systems
Reporting & Business Intelligence
Massive production centers
Stocks and distribution
Ticket offices & retailers
Self-service sales
e-Commerce & Mobile
On-board sales
Optical & contactless validation
Account Based Ticketing

AEP leader in contactless EMV bank card solutions

AEP is strengthening its leadership in the implementation of EMV bank card based systems according to the Transit model of Transport for London, not only with the automatic application of the most convenient fare (best fare) but also with additional functions, such as multi-passenger and the possibility of use in suburban areas.
So far 16 systems have been implemented and 9 more are already in order.

Smart ticket with QR-code
Back to the Future

With ET-MOBILE, we add to the modern Apps a beloved solution of the past, the paper ticket, with all its advantages and without the problems that characterized it. The “smart paper tickets” are equipped with QR-codes and can be issued by all the devices of the system (ticket offices, TVM, e-commerce portal, on-board devices, etc.) or massively produced in printers and distributed to retailers or staff. Complex tickets are possible, such as multi-passenger tickets, multi-ride carnet and check-in/check-out, both on paper ticket and App. ET-MOBILE then solves one of the major problems of ABT systems, as it can operate for a certain period of time even in the absence of communication with the center, thanks to an optimized local replication of the data base contained in the central system; and this is not only for validation and verification purposes but also for sales, which can thus also take place on buses.

Account Based Ticketing
The account in the cloud

The improvement of communication networks makes it possible to implement Account Based Ticketing (ABT) systems, where data is stored, instead of a card, in a central system customer account in the cloud. Cards are only used to identify the cardholder and do not carry other information while the process takes place in real time in the central system and no longer locally. This makes it possible to use any card, such as a bank or health card, as a means of taxation for a public transport subscription.

The best devices for electronic ticketing are AEP

For more than twenty years AEP devices have been present on your buses, in your subways, in stations and on trains. To date we have produced almost 70.000 of them. The range of our equipment is one of the widest in the market and includes numerous models of validators, multifunctional units, ticket vending machines and much more.

On-board computer
Multifunctional units
Ticket Vending Machines
Portable devices

Futura 3B. The most beautiful validator in history.

Futura 3B is the top of the range AEP contactless/optics validator and is probably the best product we have ever made. Its exceptional style, due to Giugiaro Design's pencil, is combined with state-of-the-art technical features, both for contactless and optical validation.

Futura 3B can be configured according to the customer's requirements, not only with many technical-functional options, but also in color and graphics, in order to become the distinguishing element of your fleet.

Contactless validation
Bluetooth validation
Optical validation
Wi-Fi & 4G/5G
IK-10 IP-65 EN 50155

When the top is not enough

AEP's range of equipment is certainly one of the widest on the market. But if your needs go further, AEP's Technical Department is able to design the solution you need, thanks to highly specialized technicians, latest generation equipment and long-standing know-how, aligned to the state of the art.
In AEP we are in fact in possession of all the technologies necessary to realize the product that meets your requirements, in record time and with certainty of the result, from specifications to certification tests.
This service is also available to old AEP Customers, to evaluate those upgrade opportunities that could extend the life of existing systems, before declaring them obsolete and having to replace them. Only a large company like AEP can offer this type of service.

AEP services: a film at least ten years long

The Electronic Ticketing System is a living and constantly changing entity, both because of the nature of public transport, which must adapt every day to the needs of a changing world, and because the information that the system produces is a valuable tool, which allows the Management to constantly improve the service. The best systems and the most advanced products can therefore only be adequately exploited with efficientflexible and responsive support services such as those offered by AEP, which guarantees them for at least 10 years after purchase.

  • Pre-purchase consulting
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Training
  • System support
  • Problems investigation
  • Equipment Repair
  • Evolutionary projects
  • Operating Systems Support

Share our success
Become an AEP certified partner

The electronic ticketing market is still growing and few companies in the sector have expanded as AEP in recent years: we are now suppliers and trusted partners of many important Companies in Italy and abroad.
If you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR), trade the extensive range of AEP e-ticketing solutions to your Customers, taking charge of their entire life cycle.
Get to know AEP systems and equipment, providing your consultancy to demonstrate, install and configure them, supporting the Customer in his needs over the years. Get in touch with us and become an AEP Certified Partner. We are ready to offer you training, support and all our collaboration.

Share our success
Develop your software for our systems

If you are a System Integrator or a developer, build applications that extend the possibilities of AEP systems or integrate your applications with ours using the Interago® platformof AEP, designed specifically for this purpose.

AEP will be happy to promote your solutions to the many Customers who have already chosen our brand. We are confident that we can work together for many years with benefits for both of us.

AEP Publications

AEP puts at your disposal numerous publications related to its activity, its history, its solutions and its equipment.

All publications can be downloaded free of charge, only a very simple registration is required.