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Modena: discounts for contactless tickets

The new payment systems are from AEP 

This is why technology is worthwhile. In Modena, the municipal council with its own resolution introduced payment on buses through contactless systems. The digital revolution will start on October 1st; obviously, AEP Ticketing solutions is an active part of this innovation, since the buses are equipped with the ticketing devices of this company.

The novelty will allow the user to pay the ticket directly, but also to save money. By purchasing the ticket directly on the bus with the new system, the cost will be € 1.20 instead of the current € 1.50. You will pay the same amount that you have to pay for the single ticket at the newsstand and at the tobacconist’s. In addition, in order to encourage the use of the technological ticketing system and encourage the use of public transport, after three tickets purchased with contactless on the same day, from the fourth onwards the transport is free. The fourth title will be a sort of “day” ticket but with flexible modality, valid for 24 hours.

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