ATM & Trenord Milan

Central system, plant supervision and mass production center

GTT Turin and other BIP companies

85% of BIP is AEP!

Busitalia (Italy)

AEP references in France

Skup card Silesia region (Poland)

A whole region, 25 cities

Astana, Kazakhstan

One of the most modern cities on the planet

Egyptian Railways

A very large system

SNTF, Algerian railways

Specialized system for railway use

Summary of AEP's main Customers

  • Amag Mobilità, Alessandria (IT)
  • ATAF Gestioni, Florence (IT)
  • ATAP, Biella (IT)
  • ARST, Cagliari (IT)
  • ASF, Como (IT)
  • ATM, Milan (IT)
  • ATP, Nuoro (IT)
  • ATP, Sassari (IT)
  • ATV, Verona (IT)
  • Automobilistica Perego, Tirano (IT)
  • beeMop, Béziers (FR)
  • Busitalia Umbria (IT)
  • CTFU, Martinique (FR)
  • CO.ER.BUS, Lugo (IT)
  • Communauté Rochefort Océan Caro, Rochefort (FR)
  • CTPI, Varese (IT)
  • CTT Nord, Tuscany (IT)
  • Egyptian Railwais
  • Extra.To, Piedmont (IT)
  • GTT, Turin (IT)
  • Imagine, Epinal (FR)
  • LRT, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan)
  • Turin subway (IT)
  • MOM, Treviso (IT)
  • People Mover, Bologna (IT)
  • Pisa Mover, Pisa (IT)
  • Burgundy Franche-Compté region (with Cityway, FR)
  • Centre-Val de Loire region, REMI (FR)
  • Normady region, SBIS (FR)
  • Silesia region (Poland)
  • Sardinia region (IT)
  • RTP Vitalis, Poitiers (FR)
  • SADEM Arriva Italia, Milan (IT) 
  • SEAM, Cortina d'Ampezzo (IT)
  • SETA, Modena (IT)
  • SITAC, Châlons-en-Champagne (FR) 
  • SNTF, Algerian Railways
  • Società Vicentina Trasporti, Vicenza (IT)
  • SPL Chartres Metropole Filibus, Chartres (FR)
  • SPL Trans-Landes, Dax (FR)
  • Start Romagna, Rimini (IT)
  • STGA, Angoulême  (FR)
  • TADAO SMT Artois Gohelle (FR)
  • TEP, Parma (IT)
  • Tiemme, Tuscany (IT)
  • Tper, Bologna (IT)
  • Trenord, Milan (IT)
  • Trieste Trasporti (IT)
  • Trotta, Rome (IT)