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A living entity

The Electronic Ticketing System is a living and constantly changing entity, both because of the nature of public transport, which must adapt every day to the needs of a changing world, and because the information that the system produces is a valuable tool, which allows the Management to constantly improve the service. The best systems and the most advanced products can therefore only be adequately exploited with efficient, flexible and responsive support services.

Today everything is easy (almost)

Implementing an electronic ticketing system has its complexities and often takes several months. But today everything seems easy: the devices are new and the suppliers are all well disposed. But what will happen in several years, in particular if the system was made by a very good System Integrator who used different brands of equipment? Will your relationships with those suppliers still be good? Will these suppliers still be there? Will they still produce these devices? Will they accept a direct relationship with the Company?

With AEP these problems do not exist, as we have demonstrated over the years. In the picture, a real case: AEP has maintained and updated ATAF Firenze Classic validators for more than twenty years in continuous operation.

The spare parts service is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, even when it is necessary to redesign some elements to ensure interchangeability.

More information about

Want to know more? Download our publication (in Italian) P/N 740557 "The advantages of choosing AEP".

Pre-purchase consulting

Choose the right path from the beginning
  • Choosing the right path right from the start means significantly reducing time and costs
  • AEP is a company with a strong technical connotation where professionalism is combined with passion
  • AEP offers you reliable and qualified a consulting and the possibility to visit other Clients before making your decisions

Project Management

Taking the right path is not enough, we have to follow it!
  • Launching a new system is a process that involves all areas of the Transport Compagny and its suppplier
  • AEP services help achieve objectives by meeting cost and time constraints, optimizing resource allocation, minimizing risk, and resolving problems as they arise.
  • Dedicated platform for sharing project documents


How to get the most out of your investment
  • Making good use of an Electronic Ticketing System means knowing it in depth
  • Transferring knowledge to the Customer is the first guarantee of his satisfaction
  • Training courses in a classroom and on the job with the operators in the launching phases of the systems, held by ticketing specialists, in English, French or, of course, Italian.

Systems support

Help desk and other services
  • Systems support is provided through the help desk that ensures the Customer contractually guaranteed service levels.
  • Requests are fully traced to check deadlines and modalities of solutions and are normally processed in very short time

Equipment support

With all the experience of their designers
  • AEP devices are designed internally and therefore known to perfection
  • The Technical Assistance Service (SAT) guarantees efficient services, with certain deadlines and reasonable costs.
  • 2 workshops on the Italian territory: Signa (FI), Brescia and staff present at the major Customers

AEP, the accessible company

Within the reach of the Customer...
  • AEP guarantees to all Customers a relationship that goes far beyond the formal Customer/Supplier relationship.
  • AEP's sales staff is always available to assist clients with their needs. Write to info@aep-italia.it indicating your area and you will be called back as soon as possible.
  • The doors of AEP are always open to welcome Customers and contribute to the positive result of investment