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Share our success!

The electronic ticketing market is still growing and few companies in the sector have expanded as AEP in recent years: we are now suppliers and trusted partners of many important Companies in Italy and abroad.

But no company is an island and AEP in particular has always based its success on collaboration with other companies in the sector or in neighbouring sectors.

If you are a professional operator and wish to share our success with us, get in touch with us and become an AEP Certified Partner. We are ready to offer you training, support and all our collaboration.

Sell AEP solutions

If you are a Value Added Reseller (VAR), trade the extensive range of AEP e-ticketing solutions to your customers, taking charge of their entire life cycle.

Get to know AEP systems and equipment, providing your consultancy to demonstrate, install and configure them, supporting the Customer in his needs over the years.

Propose the AEP Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provided in the form of a subscription, which require less investment and are immediately ready to use after simple configuration.

Create new solutions

If you are a System Integrator or a developer, build applications that extend the possibilities of AEP systems or integrate your applications with ours using the Interago® platform of AEP, designed specifically for this purpose and described briefly below.

AEP will be happy to promote your solutions to the many Customers who have already chosen our brand!

The Interago® platform

For more than twenty years AEP has been focusing exclusively on Electronic Ticketing, says our slogan. So who does everything else? AEP does not hinder but rather promotes the integration of its systems with those of third parties. For this purpose AEP has created the Interago® platform, already used by many developers in Italy and abroad, which also allows you to develop your own applications that use the enormous potential of AEP systems.

Interago® can be used, for example, to request the issue of personal media, buy / reload / renew tickets and many other functions. It allows you to create Internet portals or Apps for smartphones or to exchange data with other applications, such as FMS systems, accounting programs, applications that produce shifts and rides, etc.

AEP Academy

AEP Academy is the name of our training programs dedicated to AEP Certified Partners. We hold intensive courses that reduce time loss and include all teaching materials, such as manuals, presentations, videos, etc.

Wherever possible, the courses are also conducted by videoconference, so that our partners do not have to make expensive travel arrangements.

The courses include a final exam: AEP Partners must be able to offer the best to our Customers!


AEP believes that every company must base its activity, its behaviour, its internal and external relations on the observance of the Law, on fair competition and on values such as transparency, fairness, integrity and loyalty. These elements constitute the fundamental and indispensable assets of a company and make it reliable, effective and efficient, while at the same time building its reputation, respect and profitable business.

Our ideal partner operates permanently in the area of public transport; he is highly motivated, has the ability to work as a team and carries out his mission with great attention to the needs of current and potential customers, offering high quality services and reliable and secure solutions.