A Lens (France) 33,000 validations per day

A Lens (France) 33,000 validations per day

Lens, 07/30/2019.   The TADAO (Lens) system is one of the most important made by AEP in France and, after passing the VSR (Vérification de Service Régulier) on June 30th, is operating with over a million validations per month (33,000 per day) and over 200,000 ticket sales per month.

The TADAO network covers an area of 150 municipalities and represents, in terms of population, the sixth largest urban transport area in France.

In this project, AEP installed its equipment on 461 buses, of which 41 BHNS (Bus à Haut Niveau de Service, i.e. BRT), 116 RTVM-I ticket vending machines, 15 point of sales, 74 retailers and 10 control devices. The validators are the Futura 3B, all equipped with EMV and QR-code readers. The system uses Pass Pass cards, with interoperability with Haut-de-France networks, as well as SNCF/TER. The EMV will be put into service in November 2019 and QR-code tickets will be issued immediately afterwards.

TADAO, which has the ambition to become the most innovative mobility ecosystem in France, is manages by the TRANSDEV group, one of the leading public passenger transport operators in France, Europe and the world, with a presence in 16 countries and over 45,000 employees, including over 29,000 bus, tram, metro and train drivers.

The AEP project team consisted of Laurent Viala, contract manager, Alessandra Pozzolini, project manager, and Fausto Iannucci, system engineer.

“A truly challenging project” said Alessandra Pozzolini “in terms of complexity, numbers at stake and deadlines. In fact, there were three phases: cohabitation with the old system, the transition to the new supports and the new BHNS lines, in practice a tramway on roads. We thank the customer, who supported and helped us throughout the project and has always believed strongly in our solution. On a personal level, I am very pleased to have participated in the commissioning of such an important system, with innovative elements and prospects for further innovations (EMV and QR-code). The AEP solutions, systems and equipment, are now certainly among the best on the market.”