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Astana chooses AEP ticketing

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan and is one of the most modern cities in the world. As part of the modernization of public and private transport services, after a prolonged preliminary test, it awarded a contract to fit out the whole fleet for public transport (750 buses) to Swarco Mizar, which based its offer for the e-Ticketing part on  AEP Ticketing Solutions products.

The new system is based on ET – The Easy Ticketing, the suite of application software for electronic ticketing and, in normal operations, will have almost three thousand devices, also by AEP, which have to operate in the difficult climate of the Kazakh climate which goes from almost  -40°C in the winter to almost  +40°C in the summer.

The solution will cover all the areas: ticket office saes, dealers, massive issuing centre, self-service vending machines, onboard devices, inspectors, web shop etc.

Implementation is already under way