Siena EMV: huge success

The technical visit of Club Italia ended in Siena. During this visit, Tiemme presented the new urban system based on EMV bank cards made by AEP, with a truly extraordinary success.

Getting on the urban bus, just approach your contactless card to the Futura 3B, wait for the validation beep and the green light, then sit on board. A very simple and innovative way to pay for your bus ticket. It is the innovative Pay and Go service that allows you to pay the ticket with a beep. "Pay and Go", the new monetics service activated by Tiemme on more than 100 buses of the urban fleet is now also active in Siena. The new service is based on AEP's ET-PASS system and is realized with the collaboration of Intesa San Paolo, Mastercard and VISA.

The project is accompanied by a communication campaign developed by Tiemme with the slogan "Pay and Go" present outside and inside the buses (also in English). In particular the minibus called "Pollicini" that move inside the historic center of Siena become informative units of the project, able to communicate all the information about the use of the card and to launch a strong message to stimulate the use of public transport, precisely because it is easier. The urban poles and canopies also provide information sheets to illustrate the characteristics of the initiative and provide useful instructions before boarding.

Further information can be found online, on the home page of and on the Company's Facebook page (Tiemme Spa), where a video describes the operations to be carried out on board to make the ticket in contactless mode.