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The AEP Region Centre Val de Loire project gets underway

The project for the Interoperable Ticketing System for the REMI Interurbain network of the French Region Centre Val de Loire was awarded to AEP on 20/03/2020.

REMI has 900 buses and carries 2.2 million passengers, including 560,000 subscribers. The network is divided into six departments: Indre-et-Loire (Remi 37), Eure-et-Loire (Remi 28), Indre (Remi 36), Loiret (Remi 45), Cher (Remi 18) and Loir-et-Cher (Remi 41).

The new AEP ticketing system will be part of the JV-malin interoperability framework of the region, and will include:

  • high availability central system;
  • a sales system with equipment for agencies and retailers;
  • RTVM ticket vending machines;
  • on-board bus validation and control equipment.
  • test and maintenance platforms;
  • interfaces with existing software systems in the various departments for the management of on-board AVM, topology and service data and accounting management, as well as with the region’s information systems.

It will be able to manage interoperable contracts on contactless cards, contactless tickets and paper tickets with QR-Code, QR-Code contracts on smartphone app, EMV validation of bank cards.

The offer of AEP includes web services for e-boutique and App smartphone, open payment system, mini-FMS and mini-IV (information service for travellers).

The project is divided into several phases that will end in 2023. At the end of December 2020, the first two departments in the region are scheduled to put ticketing into service: Remi 37 and Remi 28.

“We are doubly satisfied with this new contract,” said Mr Saverio Bettini, CEO of AEP and head of the commercial service, “which confirms our vitality at this critical time for Public Transport. It will also constitute AEP’s third regional success in France, after that of the Région Normandie and the partnership with Cityway (Transdev group) for the Région Bourgogne- Franche Comté.”