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It is worth € 1M the new AEP system per Rochefort (France)

ET – The Easy Ticketing, the AEP Electronic Ticketing System, keeps on receiving awards also in France. The Communauté d’agglomération Rochefort Océan (CARO) has recently awarded the tender for the R’bus urban transports to AEP. New users will then be added to the significant number already in place in France; “it is the confirmation that proposals from AEP can indeed win” Saverio Bettini, AEP’s CEO, has commented “because of the offer quality, and our attention to small-medium size transport companies, often ignored by the multinationals, which are for us one of the most interesting markets”. The new “full contactless” system will cover all areas: ticket offices (ET-TIC), retailers (CDB-4 PLUS), on board equipment, with the CDB-6 PLUS e the Futura 3B multimedia validator, controllers (CDB-4 PLUS), a web shop (ET-WEBS) etc.