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AEP with Clubitalia in Rome for the EMV cards

June 22nd 2016: a very important date for those who operate in the electronic ticketing business: after many months of joint effort of transport companies and technology providers, Clubitalia will present ” The guideline for the EMV bank cards applied to the electronic ticketing for public transport” in a conference to be held at Cavour Convention Centre , via Cavour 50/a, Rome.

AEP believes in using these bank cards and is investing significantly in EMV-card-based solutions, embracing devices and systems. For this reason AEP has decided to be the main sponsor of the event.

You are then all invited to participate: it will be an opportunity for AEP to present the Futura 3A/E and Futura 3B/E validators which are able to process EMV as well as traditional contactless cards for the public transport. And many more things will be presented as to deserve themselves your attendance.