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More than 200,000 ŚKUP Cards

On september 30th 2016, ŚKUP Cards distributed throughout Silesia region (Poland) exceeded 203,000.

The system implemented by Asseco Poland is based on ET – The Easy Ticketing, AEP e-ticketing system, and is now working at high level with excellent results, although a great growth is expected in the next months to  outnomber 700,000 . Certainly we are still far from the four million cards that AEP system of ATM Milan process or from the 600,000 cards of GTT Turin’s system, but the ŚKUP Card is a further confirmation of the enormous possibilities of AEP solutions.

Take for example the figures for a day of september (20/9):

  • Sale transactions: 94,471
  • Validation transactions: 530,919 (Futura 3A validators, F240B validators and CDB-6 PLUS Multifonction Units)
  • Onboard verifications: 4,214, with ET-MOB solution based on smartphone and TPV portable reader;
  • Violations verified by inpectors: 1,657
  • Internet recharges (blue list): 2,345 (in days before schools opening, they reached  15.000)
  • Total transactions: 631,949
  • Sessions opened: 18,307
  • Trips performed: 20,403

Do you want more information? You could visit the page of ŚKUP Card project or download a document that describe it in many details.