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TO Move is based on VTS and is immediately a success

Turin, 03.10.2018 – TO Move, the GTT App, was officially presented on October 1st, through which users can buy tickets, validate them on board using validators and perform other functions. On the second day, more than 5,000 people have already downloaded and installed it.

The ticket can therefore be bought at any time and place, even at the stop. “From today – said the transport commissioner Maria Lapietrawe can think of changing public transport in Turin“.

After a few months from the fare reform – declared Giovanni Foti, GTT CEO – we inaugurate a new reading tool of Bip card and quickly and easily tickets purchasing, which supports those already in use. We think in this way to meet the expectations of customers who ask us to know quickly the content of the smart card and more flexibility in purchases. We are planning further initiatives to improve the relationship with customers”.

TO Move is available from October 2 on Google Play Store and soon on the GTT site. At the moment it is compatible with Android phones equipped with NFC, from version 4.4 to version 8X and allows buying:

  • City ticket, 70 euros, valid 100 minutes on the urban and suburban network plus a subway ride;
  • Daily ticket, 3 euros and valid until the end of the service of the day of the first validation on the urban and suburban network and on the subway;
  • Multidaily ticket, an electronic carnet composed of 7 Daily tickets, activated one at a time.

Once you download the App, you must enter your personal information before purchase, paying by credit card or prepaid. The card can be stored so as to avoid the hassle of re-entering the data at each purchase.

To validate the ticket purchased with TO Move simply bring the back of the smartphone to the validator. The expiration time of validity of the ticket will appear on the App.

TO Move was created by GTT using AEP VTS technology for primary functions (purchase and validation, not for card reading).


It is with immense joy that we see our VTS technology, currently under patent, applied for the first time“, declared Eng. Giovanni Becattini AEP CEO, “a technology designed to allow the construction of applications independent of specific Electronic Ticketing Systems. VTS is an important part of the future of AEP. This opportunity has allowed us to see the results of years of study transferred in practice and to obtain important confirmations of our expectations, also through the analysis of user feedback.”

Some brief notes for insiders: TO Move is already giving excellent results today October 3, customers are purchasing and validating without any problem. However, the following is noted:

  • TO Move has the great advantage of allowing travelers to fulfill the obligation of mandatory validation; this advantage is clear to public transport experts, as it is one of the primary methods of combating evasion but is less understandable by a part of the public;
  • this advantage, thanks to NFC and VTS technology, it was obtained without any physical change to the thousands of AEP validators mounted on the vehicles, and therefore with limited investments; the addition of a QR-code optical reader would have been very expensive;
  • NFC technology is now widely common and accepted, but when it comes to large numbers, it is inevitable that there is a microscopic part of the audience that, not understanding it or not having it available in the smartphone, may declare a little disappointed;
  • at the moment, moreover,TO Move can not be used on Apple smartphones, notoriously limited in this sense by the Manufacturer’s choice;
  • TO Move allows only emulating the current chip-on-paper; it is possible that the success obtained and the numerous requests of the Customers in this sense could induce the Authority to upgrade to the GTT cards, which can be supported by VTS technology.