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The BRT of Angoulême (FR) was launched

Angoulême, 4.9.2019 – The new Möbius BRT network was officially inaugurated on August 30 and went into service on September 2. The Bus Tapid Transit (BRT) are bus lines in their own roadways ; they are widespread in Europe, very efficient but less expensive than the more classic tram lines.

The entire network of the Grand Angoulême district has been redesigned to integrate these new BRT lines and meet the needs of the inhabitants of the district, while travelers are appreciating the quality of station construction and the comfort of the buses.

The inauguration was attended by regional and city authorities that have given ample emphasis to the huge investment made in the area that in addition to the BRT lines includes the innovative ticketing system provided by AEP.

The AEP system includes, in addition to the classic functionality of contactless cards, the management of paper QR-codes in real time in ABT mode and is prepared for the activation of an EMV system for bank cards.

The photo above shows one of AEP's RTVM-T Ticket Vending Machines.